Building a Singing Group

Chemistry also exists in music just as it is evident in science. However, in music, chemistry is manifested through the blending of voices.

We all know that there are four general voice ranges: the tenor (high male), the bass (low male), the soprano (high female) and the alto (low female.) Starting from here, let us begin the steps in building a singing group.

In close-knit communities, they don’t have a hard time forming members of their acapella groups. Singing groups are a productive form of honing their God-given talents and bonding with society.

singing groupSinging groups are usually acapella performers. This means, they don’t have anybody from their group playing an instrument. Their only instruments are their voices.

That being said, it is important that the members of the singing group know when to sing and when to not sing. Because this is strictly acapella, the singing group becomes an orchestra and their maestro is none other but themselves. They are their own conductors so it is best that they listen carefully, know when their cue is, and then sing at that point.

Ask the members of your group to sing solo as a form of exercise. In doing so, they gain more confidence. Then ask them to sin duets. Performing a duet is easier than singing in a chorus because there are just two voices blending. That’s why a duet is the perfect place to start.

Now that they are paired off, that’s when you delegate who sings which part. This is meticulous because you’d be like a director trying to position everyone on stage and doing your best that none of them gets blocked by another. This is the same with voice: as the conductor, you want to utilize each and every voice of the members in your company.

Chemistry isn’t the only part in blending – it also applies in the relationships of your members. The are more at ease with one another, the easier they can sing their part and feel it. There will be passion and enthusiasm on how they sing their solos and duets. Now that is music to anyone’s ears.

If you feel that your singing group is good enough, then you can join other competitions – local, then regional. There are also nationwide searches for the best singing group.